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Scheduling software that
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We help providers save hundreds of dollars
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AOT-CSM provides cognitive scheduling management systems in the healthcare industry.

We are a diverse group of subject matter experts in Medicine, Technology, Financial, Marketing, Automotive, Data Analytics, and Education with one single purpose – to transform industries with cognitive software. Our first product, AOT-CSM, helps physicians and healthcare organizations accurately schedule patient appointments and manage their internal resources more effectively.

By analyzing structured and unstructured data contained within EMRs and other sources, our proprietary engine can predict a patient's appointment reliability - including cancellations and "no-shows" - within fractions of a percent, while opening up unused time slots for other patient appointments. The AOT-CSM's algorithm is cognitive, meaning it learns over time, making the overall system more "intelligent" the more it is used.

This combination of prescriptive appointment scheduling and predictive resource allocation reduces patient wait times, increases patient satisfaction, and improves efficiencies to make healthcare more profitable.

What's the impact?

$100 - $500 per visit

cost of a patient "no show"

38% reduction

in "no shows" after implementing appointment reminder systems.

1 in 4 visits

are canceled, of which only 50% reschedule - costing millions annually.

28% reduction

in doctor office efficiencies through patient self-scheduling

How it works

1. Install

We configure AOT-CSM into your existing scheduling / EMR software as a background service. This configuration is seamless, secure, and acts as an invisible layer of artificial intelligence.

2. Patients schedule

Patients schedule appointments like they normally would, online or over the phone.

3. AOT-CSM Analyzes

AOT-CSM securely communicates with the scheduling / EMR software and performs calculations. AOT-CSM securely sends predictive information back to the scheduling / EMR software for decision making.

4. AOT-CSM learns

Transactional data is analyzed for future appointment predictive modeling. All AOT-CSM communication used to transmit and receive data is secured and HIPAA compliant.

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Customizable pricing plans

Seat licenses start at $149/month per physician with your choice of add-ons.

Initial setup costs vary based on system configurations.

The Team

  • John
    About john

    John Melstrom Jr.

  • Davin
    About davin

    Davin Hills

  • Dr frank
    About bob

    Dr. Robert Frank, MD

  • Probode
    About prabode

    Prabode Weebadde

  • Brian
    About brian

    Dr. Brian Collins, PhD

  • Jeffery
    About jeffery

    Jeffrey Parr


John Melstrom Jr.

John has over 25 years experience in sales and finance within the automotive, telecommunications and financial services industries. He enjoys the challenge of building a successful team and has founded 2 other companies that focused on increasing efficiencies and improving ROI for their clients.


Davin Hills

Davin Hills has spent 25 years in healthcare technology. Mr. Hills has been involved in all parts of the spectrum of technology development and management. From architecting the acclaimed MediNotes EMR to running operations for Eclipsys Practice Solutions to founding BettrLife Corporation. Mr. Hills continues to mentor leadership skills, technology process and how it relates to business impact with a variety of healthcare focused organizations.

Dr frank

Dr. Robert Frank, MD

Bob is a Cardiothoracic surgeon trained at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City. He is the former CEO of the Wayne State University Physician Group as well as Chief Medical Officer and EVP of Meridian Health Plan. He has worked as a consultant to multiple clients on a wide range of activities including product development, leadership and corporate strategy.


Prabode Weebadde, CEO and Chief Architect

Pro has 16 years of experience in the tech industry and has played many roles in software development teams. Prabode holds an MBA and BSc in computer science and statistics from University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. He is an IBM Rational Certified Software Architect and agile development enthusiast. Prabode is founder of Venturit Inc. and the Co-founder of CarcodeSMS.


Brian Collins, PhD, VP Products

Brian has his PhD and MA from Michigan State University in Learning, Technology, and Culture. He has designed and developed theoretically-based learning apps since 2002. Brian is a former classroom teacher having taught history at international schools in Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Japan. He has published numerous journal articles as well as book chapters and speaks frequently on learning and new media. Brian is also the Co-founder of Campus Ties.


Jeffrey Parr

Jeffrey has over 20 years in IT and leverages technology to promote solutions in the market. Jeff is an accomplished front-end developer with a great eye for creating a desirable user experiences.

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